About Us

About the George Washington University
Located just steps from the U.S. Capital, the George Washington University is uniquely positioned at the core of U.S. government, policy and law. GW students and faculty benefit from an unparalleled opportunity to study and work alongside leaders and practitioners in every discipline. Whether on campus or as a student in one of our online programs, you too can take part in the interchanges that shape our community and the world.

Our mission is to provide an environment where knowledge is created and acquired and where creative endeavors seek to enrich the experiences of the global society. The depth and breadth of our academic programs, the exceptional qualifications of our full-time faculty, the unmatched experiences of our adjunct faculty and the strengths of our research initiatives allow our students, our faculty and our staff to look at the world beyond the classroom. They allow us to prepare the next generation of leaders.

The College of Professional Studies
The College of Professional Studies (CPS) is recognized as a catalyst for academic innovation, constructing credentials for the workforce that uphold the University’s standards of academic excellence and respond to the needs of today’s professionals. The College’s innovative programs are developed by GW subject experts with direction and ongoing feedback from our valued industry partners, including government agencies, professional associations, consulting organizations, and business and industry leaders. CPS online programs attract some of the best faculty and students nationwide. The delivery model and flexible format provide ambitious working professionals the same rigorous academic opportunities and accredited degrees afforded by GW’s on-campus programs, with the added advantage of unique educational tools and peer networking not available in the traditional classroom.