3 Fascinating Career Paths GSPM Graduates Can Pursue

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The Graduate School of Political Management at the George Washington University has afforded numerous students with the ability to broaden their horizons in their chosen field. With a name like “Political Management,” it’s no surprise that many of those master’s students are now working in politics, whether in the heart of Washington, D.C., on Capitol Hill or other parts of the world in campaigns or government. Politics is by no means the only field that a Master’s in Political Management can help create pathways. Here is a small selection of the careers GSPM students have entered after obtaining an online master’s degree.

  1. TV News Producer

When you think of television news, anchors at desks and reporters on the scene come to mind. Their jobs wouldn’t be possible without the people behind the camera. Leading these behind the scenes efforts are TV news producers, whose job is to not only ensure that each broadcast presents viewers with accurate information, but to see to it that the presentation is as professional and polished as possible. This requires coordinating and communicating with other contributors, like the sound and camera crew, as well as anchors themselves. This may be done through the earpiece anchors wear, briefing them about breaking news, for example.

This role requires a keen ability to multitask, think critically and problem solve, key attributes which can be honed in the Applied Political Communications GSPM course.

  1. Social Media Investigator

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have revolutionized how people interact with one another and businesses market themselves or go about recruiting to fill open positions. Social media investigators are charged with examining status updates and online activity of individuals or other companies their employers seek to reach. They may be looking for clues – or red flags – that can inform their judgment about the person or company they’re investigating.

Maximizing Social Media, a three-credit GSPM course, includes curriculum that’s relevant to this profession.

  1. Marketing Manager

Raising awareness or outreach about a sale or a cause hinges on good marketing skills. A marketing manager is responsible for these efforts by coming up with campaigns and promotions to generate publicity.

The GSPM offers several courses that can foster the communication and persuasion skills ideal for this line of work, such as Audience Research and Fundraising and Budgeting.

That’s only the beginning, as graduates have gone on to succeed in these and many other professions after obtaining a Master’s in Political Management. You could be next success story. Apply today and make your occupational aspirations a destination.

3 Fascinating Career Paths GSPM Graduates Can Pursue

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