3 Ways that a Master’s in Political Management Can Improve Your Career

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An investment into a Master’s in Political Management offers a unique opportunity for career and professional development. Leadership evolution, further education, and experience in the academic realm uniquely positions graduates for highly sought after positions, but also enriches and improves their careers as professionals.

Beyond the well-known and practical reasons to get a degree – such as higher paying jobs and moving up in the field – a Master’s in Political Management also provides specific and enriching benefits to the career of any professional once they are in the door.

1. Gain Professional Skills and Advancement

A Master’s in Political Management provides the opportunity to develop and gain the professional skills necessary for highly competitive positions. With a high emphasis on analytical and communication tools, a master’s provides graduates with practice and experience developing superior communication skills to their counterparts. Similarly, skills in data and social analysis diversify the number and level of opportunities afforded to professionals.

Writing and critical thinking skills also contribute to the development of leaders in the political arena and create space for more quality theoretical and practical political work – skills of utmost importance to employers and clients alike. For those already operating in professional careers, the degree program offers space to improve marketability, produce more effective and efficient work, and develop the people skills needed for a successful career in politics.

2. Increased Job Prospects and Career Opportunities

The job market for many positions in the political arena is growing; however, many of those jobs are entry level and on ramp positions into further development. Pursuing higher education places graduates in the front of the line for those positions, but also makes them significantly more marketable for higher level positions directly post-graduation.

With the average salary for political scientists at over $100,000 a year[1] and a wide variety of places and positions to explore, those with political management degrees place themselves in a lucrative career path with many job opportunities including but not limited to: city managers, campaign managers, diplomats, political and policy analysts, technical writers, politicians, political consultants, teachers, political correspondents and human rights activists.

3. Change the World Through Meaningful Work

Most people want to change the world, but very few have the skill set to do so. The critical thinking, communication, analysis and people skills afforded to graduates of political management degree programs create space to invest in careers that work for the betterment of individuals, community, and society at large. With an eye to social and political climate in the places they work, political management majors are at the forefront of political careers asking challenging questions that are pushing the field toward innovation and transformation.

The political field is all about the people – and graduates have the skills to more effectively and empathetically develop and implement change in communities more than ever before. Getting a Master’s degree in Political Management places graduates among a growing community of world changing professionals.