5 Reasons to Pursue a PR Career

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A career in PR makes sense for those who crave challenges that come with unique rewards, hard work and creative opportunities. Students who choose to pursue a career in public relations have a number of paths to choose from as they follow their interests.

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Public relations representatives are necessary in many areas, from corporate to political and entertainment, and they are responsible for conveying a specific message and image to the public. Students interested in pursuing a degree in public relations often find that one or more of the following five reasons set them on this path:

PR is in High Demand

The expectation is that PR will continue to be in high demand for the foreseeable future. Talented public relationship managers will continue to be sought after to assist businesses and individuals in building their reputations, relationships and public images. Students who select a degree in PR will have a number of opportunities from which to select from upon graduation. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected 7% growth for public relations specialist and fundraising management jobs from 2014 to 2024.

A PR Degree Can Help Advance Your Career

Many PR agencies look for new hires with public relations degrees. Although others may offer internships and entry salaries for those without a degree, a PR degree can potentially increase the starting salary of new hires, as well as open the door to higher level, more involved leadership opportunities within a firm.

A PR Career Offers Variety

PR professionals can stay challenged and relevant in an ever-changing world. Graduates can work in agencies, work in-house at a corporation or offer services as a consultant or freelancer. Opportunities also exist to specialize in one career path. Graduates can choose pathways combining their passions, such as beauty or technology PR. Specializing in a growing or niche industry can help graduates stand out from the pack. U.S. News & World Report ranks “Public Relations Specialist” as the third-best position to have in creative and media jobs.

PR Offers the Ability to Use Your Unique Gifts

Working in PR allows individuals the ability to socialize and build relationships. Those that enjoy connecting with a wide range of people and personalities find this career perfect for maximizing their strengths. Finding new ways to connect with people is a unique and valuable trait.

Many PR professionals are talented writers, with excellent story telling and communication skills.  This is quite useful, because connecting both in-person and online are important aspects of a PR career in today’s marketplace, which means that digital natives who embrace social media can enjoy learning how to use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more as part of PR strategies and campaigns. Gerard Corbett, a chairperson of the Public Relations Society of America, said: “With the onset of social infrastructures such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest, combined with the versatility of Web tools, the jobs for public relations specialists are growing at a fast clip.”

PR Opens the Door to Industry Events

PR professionals attend special events in order to connect with key individuals, report on the publicized events and stay up to date on the latest information. People who enjoy traveling, learning valuable information and speaking with top professionals in a fast paced lifestyle can get the inside scoop on the latest happenings while developing excellent business relationships at these events. PR professionals are among the first to know of the latest changes, upcoming releases, product innovations and more, all while growing their network.

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