6 Professionals Who Can Seek a Master’s in Political Management

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Those who are unfamiliar with the Graduate School of Political Management curriculum at the George Washington University may assume the coursework is structured exclusively for those interested in the public policy sphere.

However, many of the students enrolled come from decidedly different professional backgrounds.

The following is a small sampling of the occupations with which students have entered and completed the GW political management master’s program. They’re now back in the workforce, successfully applying the practical and analytical skills that they’ve learned. You can be the next one to do so.

  1. Social Media Manager

    Few can deny the extent to which social networking has revolutionized not only the internet, but also the world at large. Users can make connections with people they haven’t spoken to in years, if not decades, and companies of all sizes can reach potential customers who may not otherwise discover them. Social Media Managers specialize in the fine art of marketing on behalf of employers via online vehicles such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Google. The Maximizing Social Media course at GW has helped professionals in this line of work obtain a better grasp of the channel and how it can be successfully leveraged to attain various business goals.

  1. Attorney

    Lawyers and attorneys work in a profession that’s among the world’s oldest – and most important – trades. Even though they devote three years to learning the rules and regulations local, state and federal entities, their learning never stops. Rules, Laws & Strategy is one such course that enables attorneys at law to expand their understanding of various governance principles and precepts.

  1. Intelligence Analyst

    Intelligence analysts frequently serve in highly classified capacities for defense contractors and government agencies. The nature of their work is sensitive and often requires them to work independently stateside or abroad. GW’s State and Intergovernmental Politics and Issues Management courses enable these professionals to build upon what they already know so they can be more influential in their roles.

  1. Public Affairs Specialist

    Nonprofits and interest groups must deal directly with lawmakers to effectuate change. Public affairs specialists help in this regard. Who you know is as important as what you know in this role, and the DC Residency can provide professionals with opportunities to interact with influential people on Capitol Hill.

  1. Marketing Specialist

    High-level communication is essential to marketing success and numerous classes delve into this all-important soft skill, including Applied Political Communications and Principled Political Leadership.

  1. Communications Director

    Campaign Strategy and Grassroots Engagement provide students with outside-the-box concepts that can help them better convey compelling messages to target audiences.

Check out the infographic for some of the other professionals who have come through the GW master’s in political management. Apply today. You too can take your capabilities in your chosen field to the next level.

Infographic outlining 6 professionals who can seek a master's in political management

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