Alumni Video: Jeremy Bustin

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Jeremy Bustin is a graduate of the online Strategic Public Relations program. Jeremy chose the program because he found it to be highly credible in the industry. Halfway through the curriculum he was able to land a position in the marketplace. He found interaction in the online environment to be more comprehensive than in a traditional classroom.


Tell us about yourself.
My name is Jeremy Bustin. I just finished the Graduate School of Political Management in Strategic Public Relations. And it’s been a great experience.

Why did you choose the GW Strategic Public Relations online program?
One was the credibility of the school, George Washington University. It’s one of the top ranked schools in the country. And then the actual program, the Strategic Public Relations program, from everything I read about … with the reviews, it was a very practical program and I was looking to go into the field of public relations. So it was a good experience to get the, you know, portfolio I needed built up to actually go after a job ‘cause I was having a difficult time without the actual, you know, master’s education. Everything was, pretty much, looking for a master’s education where I am.

In the program I was in sales, I was in sales for eleven years, and I couldn’t … I mean, for three years, I couldn’t even land an entry level public relations position. Half way through the program last summer, I landed a mid-level position with Newport News Shipbuilding. So I do public relations for them. And it’s helped me grow into that position as well as prepare me for, you know, the next step in that company.

What surprised you the most about online learning?
When we first started we were having expert chats for … you know, different executives or vice presidents of communications would come in and they’d hold the chats versus the professor. And that was a really good experience because you got to see, like, from second-hand experience or you would get to see different perspectives on, you know, how different organizations’ public relations structure is and, you know, how their strategy is executed.

How do you balance work, school and other obligations?
This program, even though it’s an eighteenth-month program, when you take all the two-week breaks and three-week breaks that you have it’s really only an eleven-month program. There’s about seven months of breaks. So when you know that you have six weeks at a time you can really get through anything.

How did you find the interaction online?
Quite honestly, I found the online interaction to be stronger than the in-classroom interaction because you’re forced to interact versus you could just sit in the classroom, you know, blink and not answer any questions, not speak to anybody and just, you know, get the lecture. But when you’re actually forced to interact you start to build relationships with people and you start to network with people. So it’s a great … you know, it’s a great camaraderie with your fellow students. And you get to know people through the online program, I think, better than you do in the in-classroom experience.

Any final thoughts?
I think it’s a great program. And, you know, you get so much out of it and you get what you put into it out of it. I mean, you could, you know, just do the basic minimum but if you put into what you want to get out of it then you’re going to excel in the program and it’s going to benefit you in your life and career.