Behind Every Great Leader: The Staff

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After earning the Master’s in Political Management online, you might consider pursuing a career as a support staffer for a political leader. Learn more about what this could entail:

The Role of Support Staffers

A political management degree can help you develop relationships and explore unique and impactful careers. Working as a support staffer for a political leader, for instance, could expose you to career opportunities and responsibilities that are far from typical. Whether you work for a federal, local or state politician, you may be responsible for:

  • Monitoring public opinion
  • Conducting research
  • Drafting legislation

Notable Politician – Staff Partnerships

Two important politician-staff relationships that today’s students can learn from include:

  • Charles B. Rangel & Hannah Y. Kim
  • Robert E. Latta & Ryan Walker

Learn the details of these important leader-staff relationships, the goals of their work together, and more in the below

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