Changing Careers to PR from Marketing or Journalism

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Getting involved with a vibrant and fast-growing field such as public relations is an exciting move for a professional to make. Individuals already working as journalists or marketers may have an advantage when it comes to changing roles and approaching PR full-time, as many of the practices associated with their current careers are naturally applicable to PR work.

If you’re one of these journalism or marketing professionals considering a jump into PR, it helps to study up on what the change in careers will entail. This means investigating the current state of the PR field, as well as the reasons why earning a master’s degree in public relations can prepare you for success in your new role.

The PR field is growing

Demand for public relations professionals is on the rise, which is good news for anyone hoping to find a new role in the space. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the amount of roles for PR specialists will increase by 9% between 2016 and 2026. Expansion in the PR and fundraising manager segment will be even more pronounced over that time, reaching 10%.

Individuals considering a move from journalism will find the PR field’s growth is a much-needed contrast to contraction in the news space. Reporter, correspondent and news analyst positions are set to fall by 9% over the 2016-2026 period. In marketing, advertising sales agent positions are predicted to fall by 4%.

PR professionals earn above-average salaries

The growing number of roles in the PR sector is especially exciting for job seekers because of the promising salaries available within the industry. In fact, the Social Security Administration placed the median 2017 pay for PR specialists at $59,000. The figure for PR and fundraising managers was $11,280 that year. Compare that to $40,000 for journalists and $49,680 for advertising sales agents.

A master’s degree eases a career transition

When searching for ways to enhance their PR credentials, professionals in journalism and marketing can consider the Strategic Public Relations master’s degree program from George Washington University. The curriculum focuses on communications in digital environments, and encompasses research, business, finance and crisis management.

Students complete the program by engaging in a capstone research project, investigating a personally selected topic in detail. Through connections with expert faculty members and industry organizations, students gain an inside look at the world of PR.

Since courses are taken 100% online, professionals remain in their present full-time roles while studying on their own time to make inroads into PR. Visit the program overview page to learn more about this degree and what it could mean for your future.

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