Ground Zero for Crisis PR Training

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What would you do if a PR crisis struck your employer?

You’ll have to think fast and have a strategy to react effectively. In the digital age, communications professionals need the tools to respond to a crisis before they happen.

As a recent Washington Post article notes, “(S)candals — real or perceived — trend on Twitter and Facebook and consume headlines almost daily. Any gaffe — a racist comment, a poorly worded textbook, a tantruming airline executive — is now amplified by social media, where they can quickly morph from localized embarrassments into globalized causes du jour.”

The DC region has become a hub for the crisis communications industry, and is home to dozens of firms specializing in getting it right when things go wrong. It’s also home to the best school to learn the latest tools and techniques to form messages that break through and resonate in a crowded media landscape.

“Many of the highest-rated programs are in Washington, making it one of the country’s preeminent training grounds for scandal PR. This year, George Washington University got top honors from the trade publication PR Week.”

“Crisis management has ‘become a higher art form,’ (George Washington University Professor Larry) Parnell said. And the PR industry wants the credentials to prove it and, thus, be taken more seriously. A master’s degree, he said, ‘goes beyond someone just being a spin artist or a flack.'”

Our Master’s in Strategic Public Relations online program will allow you to take the next step in your career, so that the next time an emergency happens, you’ll be able to say “It’s handled.”

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