How a Career in Political Management Can Change Your Life Forever

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From activism to campaigning, graduates of political management programs are well set to enter a spectrum of diverse and developmental job opportunities that place them among local, national and global leaders. Political management professions do not just occupy the political arena, however; the skills of political managers span over a range of disciplines to serve the needs of individuals and communities.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has found that nearly 50% of political scientists work in federal government over their careers. They work in local, state, and federal government, working to create laws and policies that serve the communities around them. Beyond working to create and produce strategies to implement policy, political enthusiasts also secure positions in city planning, advocacy, and intelligence.

Graduates in political justice often go on to pursue positions in the legal arena. With a unique understanding of the political and governmental process and systems on a global scale, people with educations in political management often go on to become paralegals, consumer advocates, policymakers, and district attorneys. With a background in political management, graduates can enter positions that impact and create both local and national policy and laws.

The public and private education system is always seeking politically minded individuals to educate students about government. From AP and IB courses to general government courses, political management graduates often take teaching positions to help high school and middle school students engage with policy, history, and politics in general. Beyond political and governmental positions, professionals are also often qualified to teach social studies and history courses that utilize their expertise over multiple fields. Positions for teachers in these disciplines are projected to grow over 8% in the next 8 years- a rate consistent with other fields.[2]

The expansive worldview and epistemology of political enthusiasts also provide unique opportunities for success in journalism. Whether written or on screen, the political expertise of professionals is widely sought after to produce more accurate, engaging, and educated media outlets. The skills of a political expert in communication and articulating complex principles combined with the technical skills in journalistic fields make political management graduates even more marketable across fields.

With careers spanning beyond these arenas into political campaigning, running for office, fundraising, grassroots organizing, activism, and business, political management professionals are sought after at the forefront of careers beyond the political arena. People seeking to change the world and engage with communities for the betterment of society at large are equipped, trained, and developed to be agents of change through their degrees in political management.

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