How to become a better PR professional

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Everyone’s path to becoming a public relations professional is unique, shaped by their individual interests, professional campaigns, work environments and educational experiences. At the same time, no matter where you are in your career journey there are certain steps you can take to increase your odds of success, whether that translates into landing your first full-time position or mastering a pivotal new technology.

We’ve put together this PR skills primer to help you focus on six proven tips for boosting your prospects. Let’s quickly look at four of them in more detail; check the infographic for the other two.

1. Focus on writing skills

PR professionals do a lot of writing across formats such as press releases, blog posts and email followups. Honing one’s writing skills is important when connecting with the public and with specific audiences like members of the media. Plus, it’s pivotal in reaching the large millennial demographic, which is particularly prone to be influenced by what it reads online.

2. Research, research, research

PR has gradually become more intertwined with content marketing, the practice of using assets such as blogs, white papers, ebooks, and infographics to influence audiences without seeming heavy handed or intrusive. Effective content marketing requires appropriate research into everything from keywords for search engine optimization to what audiences are looking to read more about.

3. Know the ins and outs of important PR tech

PR professionals use numerous tools daily to communicate with colleagues and contacts, create content and monitor public opinion. While mastering every single one of them isn’t realistic, it pays to know the particular features and benefits of widely used industry platforms such as LinkedIn, Slack and MailChimp, just to name a few. Becoming more adept with these technologies will make it easier to reliably reach and influence the public.

4. Earn a master’s degree in PR

A bachelor’s degree can be your ticket into an entry-level PR position, but a PR masters can potentially take you further by helping you develop additional skills and form important connections. The Strategic Public Relations track at the George Washington University provides comprehensive background in current PR best practices and issues, along with opportunities to conduct in-depth research with experts in the field. Learn more by visiting the program overview page today.

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