Jade Michelle Mostyn

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Jade Michelle

Jade Michelle Mostyn

2011 Graduate

Jade Michelle Mostyn

Director of Policy to the Majority Leader, New Jersey General Assembly Majority Office

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Our Master’s Degree Helped Jade Propel Her Political Agenda

Jade Michelle Mostyn knew early on that politics would be her path. She wanted to be part of positive change after witnessing firsthand how her brother, who has a disability, struggled against neglectful policy. It inspired her to be more involved.

An early encounter with an assemblywoman landed Jade her first internship in the New Jersey Legislature. Seven years later, Jade now serves as Director of Policy for the majority leader in the New Jersey General Assembly. She attributes much of her success her master’s degree in Political Management, which she did in the midst of her rise.

“I watched a lot of the people who I admired move up,” Jade said. “They all had either law degrees or master’s degrees. I didn’t think a traditional research-oriented graduate program was right for me. I wanted something that would complement to my experience. I was sitting at the table with influential politicians and stakeholders who were crafting the state budget, and I wanted to better understand the process.”

Need for Flexibility

Jade decided she didn’t have time to commit to an on campus program. Her schedule changed too much to block off days to attend courses. She needed the flexibility that an online program could provide as she needed the practical skills a political management master’s degree offered.

“Politics is a field where there are late-night voting sessions and committee days,” Jade said, “When you’re a Legislative Aide, you’re at the beck and call of legislative members. You have to be if you really want to build your career. When you’re given an opportunity, you don’t want to stop growing in your career to go to classes.”

Always up for Debate

Continuing in her career allowed her to apply what she learned in her work immediately. She encountered even more growth opportunities while debating colleagues in her online courses.

“The program attracted a range of professionals, including people in the military studying from Japan, CEOs of businesses, and people working for top businesses across the country,” Jade said. “The access I had to those individuals and the input they gave during the program only made what we were learning so much more interesting. Those discussion boards got so heated at times. They were so valuable to what we were learning, and I don’t think we could get that in a traditional classroom.”

Promoting More than Progress

Politics is about empowering your agenda. That’s exactly what Jade did by managing her career and education simultaneously.

“I wouldn’t have been offered a promotion had I not been enrolled in this program and on my way to having a master’s degree,” Jade said. “There aren’t many jobs where you could advance without the knowledge I have. I saw improvement immediately. Having a master’s degree really has impacted both my salary and my ability to move ahead.”

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