Selby Bush

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Selby Bush

2010 Graduate

Senior Government Affairs Representative, Williams

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Selby’s Passion for Politics Meets Its Match in Our Master’s

Nearly a decade ago, Selby Bush got her start in politics when she bumped into her congressman’s Chief of Staff at an event. He offered her an internship, which led a job in the U.S. Senate and now eight years in the private sector. Their casual chat made a lasting impact.

“I had no idea where that conversation would lead me career-wise, but it turns out it was the spark that propelled me into political management and advocacy,” Selby said.

Back when Twitter and Facebook were still considered “new” media, Selby Bush had just transitioned into working in the private sector as a Senior Government Affairs Representative. Undaunted, she embraced social media and adapted.

She used these tools earlier than many of her peers to expand her efforts in political management. At first she met resistance from colleagues with rigid mindsets, but quickly she became a recognized authority within the company.

Finding an Edge Online

Selby’s job required substantial travel, so when she decided to go back to school, it was a natural choice to pursue her degree online.

She needed a program that accommodated her odd hours. She also wanted a program that would enhance her nascent social media skillset. Selby found both in the George Washington University’s Political Management master’s degree program. Once again, she found an edge by being open- minded about using new technology to advance.

Since then, her passion for politics has only grown. Unlike other programs, the GW Master’s in Political Management felt customized to match her exact ambitions. She also enjoyed networking with other professionals and engaging with the expert faculty.

The Student Becomes the Master

Selby’s expertise was so closely aligned with the program that she now serves as an adjunct professor at GW’s Graduate School of Political Management. Like many of our esteemed faculty members, she continues practicing and amplifying her expertise by incorporating evolving theories and technology.

“Since I am a younger employee, the degree gives me credibility and expertise unique to the program,” Selby said. “The degree program is so tailored to my field of work that I have drawn so many strategies based on what I learned. It has been a great tool for advancing my career.”

“I needed to stand out from the crowd, and the Master’s in Political Management was the perfect way to do it.”

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