SPR Master’s Degree: Key Benefits

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As a public relations professional, you will do much more than draft press releases. Modern PR encompasses a vast set of possible responsibilities, from social media management to content marketing. As a result, many PR specialists feel that, by 2022, “public relations” will not even accurately describe what they do.

The ongoing evolution of the PR field makes it imperative to have a diverse collection of skills that will help you adapt to and thrive within a changing media environment. By earning a Master’s in Strategic Public Relations (SPR) from the George Washington University (GW), you can develop these capabilities to position yourself for long-term success.

What sets the SPR master’s degree apart

The GW SPR degree combines a rigorous, multifaceted curriculum with a convenient learning format. Key courses in the program will help you master concepts such as:

  • Sustainability communications – Learn how to spread easy-to-understand messages about ambitious, complicated corporate social responsibility initiatives.
  • PR research – Become an adept analyst who can use qualitative, quantitative, theoretical, and applied research to formulate the most effective PR strategies.
  • Digital media relations – Level-up your PR skills to take on the challenges related to 24/7 internet connectivity and crisis management on fast-paced social media platforms.
  • PR ethics – Advance your understanding of how to balance your obligations to a client and to the public at-large.

All courses are offered online, with no required residency or visits to the GW campus. The SPR is designed to accommodate your busy schedule, allowing you to maintain your other professional and personal commitments while connecting with students, faculty, and alumni from all across the globe.

Culminating in a capstone project that provides practical experience in the field, the SPR masters provides a transformational experience that will immerse you in the current and cutting-edge practices necessary to succeed in PR. Upon graduation, you will have the knowledge, tools, and connections necessary to pursue advanced positions such as PR manager, which is both in high demand – total employment of such managers is expected to jump 10 percent from 2016 to 2026 – and high-paying, with median 2017 pay of more than $111,000.

Getting started on the path to your online public relations degree is easy. To learn more about applying and what you can expect as a student, download a free copy of the program brochure today!

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