Strategic Public Relations is More Exciting than a Regular PR Degree

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Traditional public relations degrees focus on typical business challenges: preparing press releases and press kits, communicating with the media, maintaining a quality company image, and drafting speeches. These tasks will be relevant in most public relations careers, but these skills can be gained anywhere.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects 6% job growth within the PR field by 2024 – that’s nearly 15,000 new jobs since 2014. With this type of growth, an aspiring public relations professional needs more than a traditional public relations degree. A strategic public relations master’s degree will set any applicant apart from the crowd.

Strategic PR focuses on rapidly changing communications techniques. Modern technology keeps potential customers and clients constantly connected. With a degree in strategic public relations, public relations professionals will know the best way to stay in touch with any desired client base.

Traditionally, public relations graduates focus on the delivery of a message as provided by another member of their team. With a strategic public relations degree, graduates decipher the needs of the audience, create the message, and also distribute it. The amount of control afforded a strategic public relations graduate is unparalleled in this field- a must for public relations hopefuls who are looking to be a part of an entire campaign instead of merely a segment.

Strategic PR focuses on the best process to promote a brand or product. As a result, this exciting line of work tends to be research oriented to conduct valuable market research in order to determine where potential clients exist. Gone are the days of the conventional forms of advertising by way of newspaper, television, and magazines. Strategic PR graduates now enjoy the most up to date communication techniques. Instead of simply creating an advertisement, graduates are communicating with journalists while at the same time creating blogs for the public and posting to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Financial security is considerable for a strategic public relations graduate. A recent report from shows the median salary in strategic communications to be $82,000 a year. This is a far cry from the $52,000 each year offered a typical public relations operative.

The advent of the internet brought about another renaissance of sorts. With information being so widely shared, the consistency of information provided is virtually nonexistent. This is where a strategic PR grad can step in and, with their breadth of knowledge, locate and standardize information about a company, individual, or program. Coordination of information is also required when standardizing a message abroad. Social media platforms like Facebook offer those with a message a brilliant opportunity to share it. Fundraising and advocacy are prevalent demands as well. By way of agile regulation established by those strategic PR specialists, the task at hand is a simple one.

Professionals with a background in strategic PR stay ahead of the curve by knowing what is on trend and what is coming next. This is far reaching: these professionals know which social media platform is growing, which is slowing down, and which blouse to match with those pants.


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