Top 5 Reasons to Earn a Master’s in Political Management

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In professional baseball, a five-tool player is the epitome of excellence, with speed on the basepaths, raw power at the plate, stellar fielding skills and a cannon for an arm. Yet no matter how talented he may be on offense or defense, he needs high-performance equipment to play at his best.

Master’s in Political Management at the George Washington University may not help you hit a home run or steal a base, but it can supply you with the key tools you need to succeed in the game of life.

If you’ve been thinking about obtaining an online master’s degree but fear striking out, here are five reasons why you should swing for the fences and apply today:

  1. Glean life-long lessons

Dates and factoids may be important, but the takeaway benefits from college education are the skills you can develop and build on to become a better person and professional. Leadership, problem solving, critical thinking and time management are a few of the skills available through the GSPM curriculum.

  1. Learn from the professionals

The best teachers are those who speak from experience. GSPM faculty members are experts in their field because most have backgrounds in politics, whether on the campaign trail or in the halls of Congress. Several are contributors to academic publications as well as newspapers, radio and television broadcasts.

  1. Strengthen your earning potential

Studies show that people who go on to obtain graduate degrees tend to earn more over their careers than those who enter the workforce after getting their bachelor’s. While a master’s doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a higher salary, 70% of GSPM online graduates have seen improvements in how much they earn, whether in a different occupation or the same one they were in before starting the program.

  1. Improve upon what you already know

Speaking of which, many students who get their online master’s do so to gain more expertise in their chosen field, often in politics. Courses like Principled Political LeadershipFundraising and Budgeting and Rules Laws and Strategy can help you glean insights that can make you better at what you already do.

  1. Change the world for the better

Making a difference requires personifying the change you wish to see. GSPM can show you how by teaching the keys to leadership, which is touched upon in several courses.

With an online Master’s degree in Political Management, you can develop the tools to handle life’s curveballs. All you have to do is swing.  Apply today and play ball!

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