Why GSPM: The Ability to Set Yourself Apart

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GSPM’s unique mission as the foremost school of politics and strategic communications is designed to help you stand out and get ahead. It’s a capstone to your career; it’s an introduction to a new line of work; and it’s a way to understand how to build the necessary relationships across the ideological spectrum to get things done.

“I wanted to do it to set me apart from other professionals in my field. I didn’t want to be left behind I wanted to be ahead of the pack,” says Willem Rijksen, Vice President of Public Affairs at the American Insurance Association. “I know that I’m a stronger professional as a result,” he adds.

Will Johnson, Senior Director of Bully Pulpit Interactive, says his GSPM education helps his company grow. “New business is all about being able to build up a relationship. Being able to understand what is important to other people to come to common ground and to figure out how the services that my firm provides can help solve their problems.” Will says GSPM taught him that from day one.

A GSPM degree can also be the tiebreaker when it comes to getting the promotion to the next stage of one’s career. “I was in somewhat of a competition with several other people in my office. We all did great jobs, but having that master’s degree was the credential that I needed to be able to move into management,” says Scott Reiter, Vice President of Political Affairs at the National Association of Realtors.