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What is your highest level of education?

Earn a Master's Degree inPolitical Action

The Graduate School of Political Management (GSPM) at GW positions those passionate about politics to make a difference domestically and globally. By embracing all political ideologies, encouraging students to consider a full-spectrum view and teaching them how to move beyond agitation to action, GSPM strives to overcome partisan gridlock and make democracy work.

The online Master’s in Political Management program is uniquely designed to allow busy professionals like you to pursue an advanced degree and supplement existing skill sets while continuing to work.

The GW difference

While other programs may talk about changing the world, GSPM students and faculty have the real opportunity to actually do it – immediately.

Our faculty are recognized political practitioners who facilitate a hands-on curriculum designed for results-driven strategies and tactics. And our optional Global and D.C. residencies allow networking with politicians, advocates, and lobbyists.

In true full-spectrum fashion, GW alumni include:

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in the national legislatures in Japan, Mexico and Slovakia.

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for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign and Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV).

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for Democratic and Republican U.S. senators and representatives.

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in both the Bush and Obama White House teams.

What political management is
(and what it is not)

Political management applies strategic tools and techniques to make democracy work. If you seek the practical skills, knowledge and ethical grounding necessary to achieve positive change, political management is for you.


While political management is grounded in political science and they address similar subject matters — elections, campaigns, lobbying, advocacy, policy implementation, revolution and war — political science teaches you how to theorize about these processes, whereas political management teaches you how to engage in these activities.


If public policy is the noun of a sentence, political management is the verb. Political management prepares public policies for the public and arranges strategies for leaders — moving policy from agitation to action.

Why the graduate school of political management (GSPM) at GW is right for you

As a graduate of the online Master’s in Political Management program, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of:

  • Campaign management
  • Lobbying and government relations
  • Issues management and advocacy
  • Fundraising
  • Corporate and trade association public affairs
  • Polling and strategic research techniques
  • Principled political leadership
  • Political communications

The online Master’s in Political Management program equips you with a new perspective on how to influence the political process, be successful and make a positive difference. The online program features the same on-campus curriculum that is designed to go beyond theory, teach practical politics and create the opportunity for you to put that knowledge into action. The curriculum provides hands-on experience that can boost your political career.

Unlike political science or public policy programs, our applied politics curriculum positions you to apply your knowledge immediately. With our 36-credit-hour online master’s program, you can learn the techniques and the ethics needed for success in a supportive, non-partisan environment.

Politics for the people, by the peopleONLINE MASTER’S IN POLITICAL MANAGEMENT