Political Management Careers

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Political ManagementCareers

Why Get Your Master’s in Political Management?

A GSPM degree is like an MBA for applied politics, allowing GSPM graduates to work alongside attorneys and other high-level executives on the path to the top slots in important organizations.

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Who Chooses the Graduate School of Political Management?

Leaders in the global political arena require specialized training to make government work productively amid growing challenges. In our digital world, communication flows much faster and from an increasingly diverse set of voices.

Issues are more complicated and multifaceted than they used to be. A great deal of data-driven and technical materials must be distilled into language that the public is capable of understanding if a campaign is to succeed.

Campaigns must be won, legislative goals must be advanced and public opinion must be impacted — all in a manner consistent with the common good. The demand for political managers is great and educated, ethical leaders are always needed to shape society.

The Graduate School of Political Management meets this demand by providing the Political Management program in both on-campus and online formats so that the renowned political education provided in D.C. is also available across the globe.

GSPM political management graduates have launched successful careers as:

  • association executives
  • campaign managers and consultants
  • corporate executives
  • elected officials
  • fundraisers
  • government leaders
  • issue advocates
  • labor union leaders
  • law firm representatives
  • legislative leaders
  • media professionals
  • nonprofit professionals
  • pollsters
  • public affairs firm leaders
  • strategic communications firm leaders
  • and university administrators and professors.