SPR Careers

Build Your PR Playbook:Explore exciting Public Relations careers

As our world evolves, communication continues to evolve with it, which means the roles of public relations, public affairs and media professionals are progressing as well. As a result of new forms of media developing — such as blogs, social media platforms and virtual reality — exciting job opportunities are emerging. Here are some of the careers for the modern PR professional.

Press Secretary

Serves as the liaison between a government office holder, government agency, corporation or other entity and the media. They respond to press requests and pitch reporters on interviews for print and electronic media as well as write press releases.

Communications Director

Responsible for assisting agencies and companies in crafting their message and delivering it to the public. They serve as media contacts, issue press releases, arrange press conferences and coordinate media campaigns.

Digital Strategist

Assists a company, agency or government department in managing its internet and digital marketing, communications and branding initiatives. They may begin with an assessment of current digital assets and consequently create a brand strategy to enhance the message and online presence.

Social Media Director

Builds a company’s brand and creates social media-based campaign strategies using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms. They often meet with the marketing, sales and customer service departments.

Digital Media Director

Develops and enacts digital marketing and media strategies for companies and agencies, for platforms such as social media and websites. They may lead a team, manage several projects and track growth.

Vice President of Public Relations

Responsible for the operations, planning and development of a public relations department. The vice president helps coordinate and oversee public relations campaigns and analyze markets and response.

Media Relations Director

Oversees the public communications efforts of an organization and meets with media representatives of other groups or organizations. They respond to media requests, plan media campaigns and develop outreach strategies.