SPR Student Outcomes

Strategic Public RelationsStudent Outcomes

GW online Master’s in Strategic Public Relations graduates emerge ready to evolve the communications landscape. They benefit from advanced PR expertise, command high salaries and are eligible for greater professional growth opportunities. Learn more about our graduates in this Graduate Outcomes document and discover how GW can help you succeed.

  • Brendan McKinnon

    Brendan McKinnon

    Graduate | Assistant District Attorney (State Prosecutor), Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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  • Cheryle Rivas

    Cheryle Rivas

    Graduate | Public Affairs Specialist, U.S. Army

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  • Cole Bawek

    Cole Bawek

    2016 Graduate | Public Relations for Ashley Furniture

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  • Desiree Dillehay

    Desiree Dillehay

    2018 Graduate | Command Information Chief, U.S. Army Garrison — Bavaria

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  • Devin Knighton

    Devin Knighton

    2010 Graduate | Principal, Knighton Public Relations

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  • Gary Klasen

    Gary Klasen

    2011 Graduate | Vice President of Corporate Communications, Eaton

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  • Jamie  Hennigan

    Jamie Hennigan

    2015 Graduate | Vice president of strategic communications, National Association of Manufacturers

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  • Jihann  Pedersen

    Jihann Pedersen

    2011 Graduate | Head of Communications The British School in The Netherlands

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  • Justin Evans

    Justin Evans

    2016 Graduate | Senior Account Executive, SAS Institute

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  • Kinta Turner

    Kinta Turner

    2016 Graduate | Transformational Coaching/Consulting, The Freedom Factor

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  • Megumi Voight

    Megumi Voight

    2014 Graduate | Executive Communications, Azure Global, Microsoft

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  • Nathan  Rivard

    Nathan Rivard

    2016 Graduate | Public Affairs Deputy, Vermont National Guard

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  • Sultana F.  Ali

    Sultana F. Ali

    2011 | Graduate President, Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) – Washington, D.C. chapter National Association of Manufacturers

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  • Thomas Eppes

    Thomas Eppes

    2011 Graduate | Chief Communications Officer, University of Mississippi (Ole Miss)

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