Antonio Caban

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Antonio Caban

2017 Graduate | Producer, WGBH - a PBS station (Boston)

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Enjoying a Politically Charged Media Career

Antonio Caban, a recent George Washington University graduate, used his master’s in political management to build his own unique career in the media field. A former political journalist, Antonio currently works as a producer for WGBH, a PBS station out of Boston.

Antonio wanted to explore his passion for politics and develop into a more well-rounded journalist. After researching the George Washington University School of Political Management, he realized it was the perfect fit for his specialized career.

Despite his immense workload as a journalist, he was able to earn his online master’s from GW around his schedule. While covering campaigns and working for the State House News Service, he applied his new political knowledge directly to his writing.

“I gained a better understanding about the campaign process from start to finish. Not only did I learn the process, but I was able to write about it,” he says. “So that informed my writing — informed me. It made me a better reporter because I knew the process going on behind the scenes.”

Antonio chose GW’s political management program to help shape his career goals. He wanted to marry his two passions of politics and journalism, and GW’s program was able to help him carve out his own distinct career.

“What I really wanted was a hands-on education in politics and the ability to apply what I’m learning in school. That was really important for me. I really wanted to get in there and not just learn about what I was doing but actually do what I was learning.”

GW’s curriculum provided a bare-bones look into the political process and the reasoning behind every incremental movement. These behind-the-scenes lessons continue to impact Antonio and his career today.

“Understanding polling research and campaign data analysis was useful for me because now I’m able to decipher the science driving it. I can recognize how a campaign or strategy is formed around those polling numbers,” he says. “I’ve been able to pitch different nuanced ideas about how to cover particular campaigns taking shape.”

“Today I’m a much more astute journalist having gone through the program. I just feel like I’m much more observant of things that I might not have picked up on before.”

– Antonio Caban