Colin Curtis

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Colin Curtis

2016 Graduate | Principal, Curtis Strategies

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From Kansas to Washington, D.C. Entrepreneur

Always strive to be better — that’s what recent George Washington University graduate Colin Curtis advises. Colin was able to leverage his education and expertise to start his own business in Washington, D.C. He has been successfully working on political campaigns for more than a decade.

Growing up, Colin volunteered with the Young Democrats and worked on local campaigns for the Kansas Democratic Party. After earning his undergraduate degree, he worked in the Kansas political arena for a few years, but wanted to grow as a campaign manager, political consultant and lobbyist. He felt that a master’s in political management would be an excellent gateway to polishing his talents.

Colin researched GW initially because of the great reputation of both the school and the program. After he learned more about the professors, he knew GW was the right school for him.

“The biggest thing that sold it for me was that the professors that you’re learning from are professionals in the industry. People who are actually out there being fundraisers, who are digital consultants, who are direct mail consultants — you’re learning the real-life aspects of campaigns and how both sides view it.”

Colin was surprised by the relationships he was able to build with both his professors and cohorts throughout the program.
Colin credits his master’s degree in political management for helping him receive promotions and allowing him to feel more comfortable at a higher level.

“I just ran a congressional race in Kansas this year. This was the first race I’ve run since graduating from the program. There was just a moment on the campaign as I was going through things where I realized the value of GW’s program and the kind of things that I picked up from it without realizing it,” he says. “As you’re actually putting it into practice, the value definitely comes through.”

“The online program is discussion heavy. Reading or responding to your classmates helps you get a sense of their perspective. It challenges your own thought, and that makes you better too.”

– Colin Curtis