Felix Camacho

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Felix Camacho

2018 Graduate | First Lieutenant, U.S. Army

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Born to Serve

From a young age, Felix Camacho remembers wanting to help people. As he grew up, that desire translated into an interest in politics and military service. Felix also has a tremendous passion to explore the world and meet people from a variety of cultures.

After serving 12 years in the Army helping and meeting people, Felix is preparing for the next phase of his life, civilian public service, by earning his master’s in political management online from George Washington University.

“When I do decide to leave the military and find my way into politics, with my master’s from GW, I’m not starting off green or with information from 30 years ago,” he said. “I’m getting the most up-to-date information.”

Serving and Studying
As an active member of the Army, Felix has already worked on his degree from four different locations on two different continents. Thus far, Felix doesn’t feel that the level of educational quality has ever dipped or lessened due to his geographic location.

“I was able to maintain my classes at George Washington without any degradation in performance,” he said. “I was able to manage my time because of the way that the courses are set up, and it really gave me that structure to be able to accomplish my job in the military and still accomplish my educational aspirations.”

One of things Felix really liked about the online master’s program was the platform. He found it user-friendly and technologically advanced, with the only potential weakness being the strength of his internet connection while serving overseas. He enjoyed the variety of interactive templates and products, and he noted the ease with which he communicated with classmates and faculty.

Another plus was the ability to log in to various campus-based research facilities, especially when serving overseas.

“I was always able to tap into a variety of resources, 24/7, allowing me to conduct research and meet the demands of day-to-day military responsibilities,” he said.

Felix also felt that the overall design of the online master’s program was crafted for student success, even while actively serving in the military.

“You take two courses in a semester, and they’re really offset, at least the way I did it,” he said. “You take one course for the first few months, and then the second course each semester. That allowed me to really put all of my effort into the first course and really balance my time with my military obligations.”

Why GW?
When considering programs for his master’s degree, Felix wanted a program that offered rigorous academics blended with opportunities to apply new knowledge in a practical, real-world setting.

At GW, the political management program is about more than just conducting research. Students create products, design campaign plans, master fundraising and study a variety of factors critical to any campaign.

“In one of my classes, I created a campaign plan for Beto O’Rourke, for his upcoming Senate race,” he said. “This opportunity really allowed me to get hands-on with what’s currently going on in the political arena. It’s also allowed me to figure out ways that a candidate such a Beto, who’s the underdog, could go up against an established politician like [incumbent] Ted Cruz.”

Felix also believes that the program has advanced his capabilities in communication, whether that be in debate with his classmates or in clearly articulating his ideas, plans, strategies and more.

“I would say that if you want a program that will introduce you to real-world politics, there is no better program than GW’s,” he said. “The faculty is first-rate. Your fellow students will challenge you in a constructive and respectful way. Plus, when I tell folks the program that I’m in, it’s an automatic icebreaker for a lot of conversations and opens up endless opportunities.”

“I was able to maintain my classes at George Washington without any degradation in [job] performance.”

– Felix Camacho