Jihann Pedersen

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Jihann Pedersen

2011 Graduate | Head of Communications The British School in The Netherlands

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PR Master’s Sets Jihann Up For Global Success
Know your audience. That’s common sense to PR pros. It becomes a bigger challenge when you’re constantly shifting between continents. Head of Communications Jihann Pedersen learned this firsthand. Over the course of 13 years, she has practiced PR practically everywhere.“I’ve been fortunate enough to work all over the world.” Jihann said.
The need to continually shift strategies developed into a rewarding aspect of the job. It helped instill a passion for PR, which allowed her to develop a global communications mindset.“I’ve worked in Asia, the U.S. and Latin America,” Jihann said. “Getting exposed to so many different cultures and then having the challenge of tailoring communications within each job kept the work so interesting.”

“I thought I knew it all when I started, but I learned a lot. Your professors are subject matter experts in the various aspects of communications,” Jihann said. “Six years later, I still use a lot of the techniques that I learned.”

Exploring Online Learning
Jihann was in Panama when she decided to take the next step in her communications career with a master’s degree to further her expertise. Unable to find a suitable program in her area, she broadened her options by looking online.

“None of the universities in Panama provided a globally focused program, especially with the international experience that I was bringing to the table,” Jihann said.
That’s how she discovered the George Washington University’s Master’s in Strategic Public Relations online program. She specifically sought an expanded foundation in PR theory to pick up skills she had not learned on the job. The online program gave the jet setter a convenient way to broaden her knowledge from anywhere.

Translating Expertise Anywhere She Goes
Coming from a diverse background, Jihann entered the online master’s program confident in her existing skills. However, she soon came to realize that her experience could only take her so far as she explored new perspectives through active discussions on the dynamic online platform.

Jihann’s expanded skills have taken her to the Netherlands as Head of Communications. Since gaining knowledge in PR best practices, she feels better situated to showcase her expertise and impress employers, no matter where her career takes her next. “The master’s degree solidified me as a true communications professional,” Jihann said. “It’s definitely positioned me to lead a fulfilling career.”

“We’re all so busy and I think we’re getting even busier,” Jihann said. “So the program offers a great way for you to advance and work on professional development at a renowned university while balancing your personal life.”