Joshua Brink

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Joshua Brink

2016 Graduate | Platoon Sergeant, U.S. Army

Advocating for Soldiers as a Platoon Sergeant

You can pursue your passion around a full-time job and busy family life. That’s what Joshua Brink, a recent George Washington University graduate, did. Approaching nearly a decade of military service, Josh chose to earn his graduate degree in political management and plan his next career move after he retires from the military.

Josh possessed a keen interest in politics, government and law from a young age. His desire to make an impact across the country fueled his studies as he zeroed in on helping others.

He earned his bachelor’s degree and immediately planned to continue his education. But he faced roadblocks as an active duty soldier who lacked the availability to accommodate full-time schooling. What Josh needed was a flexible format that could work around his demanding schedule. That’s when he found George Washington University.

GW’s online learning platform for the master’s in political management fit Josh’s criteria to further his political education. Armed with a graduate degree, he knew he could start planning for his future beyond the military.

“I hope to one day make millions of people’s lives better. I figured the best way to do that was in the political arena,” Josh says. “I find myself in my current job helping people on a smaller scale, and I hope to use what I’ve learned in this program to help people on a much larger scale. Whether that be with the government or in a lobbying sense, I want to use what I’ve learned in this program to be able to help people.”

Although Josh is in Hawaii, he describes staying connected through the online format as surprisingly easy. He found the teachers to be responsive and dedicated to student success.

“A lot of the stuff I’ve learned in this program I’ve definitely been able to apply not just in the military, but in civilian life as well,” he says. “There’s no better place to learn about politics than GW. You can’t ask for a better school to teach you what you need to know.”

Josh says his master’s in political management has improved his communication skills and better equipped him to handle different types of situations. He said ultimately he is much better off with his graduate degree.

“It was tough to balance everything. But knowing that I was doing something to make myself better — that was not only going to help me when I got out of the military, but something that would definitely help set myself above my peers while in the military — was a huge driving force.”

– Joshua Brink