Kinta Turner

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Kinta Turner

2016 Graduate | Transformational Coaching/Consulting, The Freedom Factor

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Using Public Relations Skills to Inspire Others
Some professionals thrive on diversity — just ask Kinta Turner. Kinta spent more than 10 years managing two simultaneous careers that catered to her broad range of interests: corporate operations and management for companies like Cisco, Auto Plus and Mars Food, as well as public relations work for artists in the music industry.

Today, she’s found a way to blend elements of each field into her role as owner and transformational coach for The Freedom Factor. Based in Los Angeles, this management consulting firm has allowed Kinta to apply lessons from her own unique journey to helping others achieve their life goals.

“I have a pretty diverse background, but by nature I’m a nurturer, that’s just where my heart is,” she says. “I want you to have the best of everything, and if I’m able to be that connector and help fill some gaps, I’ll do that. Among my colleagues I’m known as the ‘Jackie of all trades.’ If there’s anything anybody needs, they can come to me and I’m going to have an answer.”

Kinta decided to put her consulting career in motion by seeking out her third college degree, and first master’s. After researching different options for online graduate education, she was inspired by the topics covered in the online Master of Professional Studies in Strategic Public Relations program from George Washington University –– especially the curriculum focused on social responsibility.

“When I applied for the program my intent was to move more into public advocacy,” she says. “Through all of the research I had done, I knew this program was going to help me make that turn, and once I actually got into the program it was confirmed over and over again. That degree was the vehicle to be able to move me into this space, and I’ve seen great benefits since completing my master’s.”

It wasn’t just the education that Kinta felt empowered by, but also the way in which the online learning platform presented opportunities to engage with others in the program. As someone who thrives on collaboration, being able to build strong relationships with her instructors and peers helped round out the kind of education she was looking for while preparing for her future as a consultant.

“I was so impressed by the platform and the connectivity between the instructors and the students,” she says. “You really didn’t feel the distance that you can feel in online learning. I’m not sure what type of pixie dust they used, but you really feel like there is a virtual classroom and everyone is sitting there interacting and learning together. The program was also set up so that it gives you the space to be able to carve out real relationships. You’re encouraged, instead of being discouraged, by the distance.”

Change can be a great thing, and for Kinta Turner, taking a chance on a new career path has helped her channel the favorite elements of her professional life into a rewarding advocacy role. As someone who had a clear end goal in mind and made it happen, she encourages others to take the time to develop an action plan for their own professional goals.

“Become a student of your craft, set goals and expectations –– then place intentions around that package,” she says. “I’m always thinking ahead and trying to make sure that I leverage whatever is before me, and that’s really important. You’re definitely going to have to dig in and work hard, but just jump in with both feet.”