Max Moll

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Max Moll

2016 Graduate | Communications Director, the Houston City Controller’s Office

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Communications Director for the Houston City Controller’s Office

The Houston city controller is the second highest elected official in the city. Max Moll, a 2016 George Washington graduate, works alongside the city controller on a daily basis as Communications Director for the Controller’s Office to effect change in the community.

Early in his career, Max joined a political consulting firm that ran campaigns. During his time lobbying with the firm, he grew interested in earning a master’s degree.

“Getting a master’s degree is a personal achievement and something that I’ve always wanted to do,” he says. “I tossed around the idea between the political management degree and an MBA. I researched both, and I realized that I wanted to be specialized in something versus being kind of a generalist.”

He wanted to earn his master’s, but knew it would be difficult around his unpredictable work schedule. Max needed a flexible program, which he found with George Washington University.

“In this industry, hours are odd, long and grueling. The flexibility of this program was something that really appealed to me,” he says. “The school has a really strong reputation, and I knew that would be a good factor on my resume and as a professional achievement. That’s why GW was my choice.”

A skeptic of the online structure, Max quickly learned that GW’s master’s in political management program was both challenging and convenient.

It’s hard to succeed in an industry as crowded as politics. Luckily, Max developed a toolkit for success. He says his degree has helped him advance in his career and command a higher salary.

”It’s always helpful to have a master’s degree from a school like George Washington on the resume. I certainly think it helped me,” he says. “I feel very knowledgeable in this space, which my current employer and my past employers truly valued. It certainly had a very tangible benefit to my career. The lessons I learned from George Washington have made me feel comfortable in my job from day one.”

“What I found in this program was that the work was applicable to what I was doing. I was able to take the lesson I learned that day and directly apply it to what I was doing.”

– Max Moll